Winter Grooming

Winter Grooming

Winter snow and ice can damage the skin and coat of your pet when you take them for a walk. Also, other harsh weather conditions may result in the same damage thus irritating your pet. The winter season presents a challenge to the maintenance of your pet grooming routines. Snow damages the nails and paws of your pet making it hard for them to walk on these surfaces. Here are some of the main recommendations that you should consider for effective pet care.

Maintenance of your pet’s paws and nails

Pay keen attention to your pet’s paws and nails. Ice combined with salted sidewalks can be excessively irritating to paw pads. Moreover, these conditions frequently result in the paw pads developing sores or even cracking. As a pet grooming routine, clip all long hairs on the bottom of the paws. Getting rid of these hairs averts accumulation of snow or ice onto the hairs that result in painful snowballs.

Make sure that you rinse your dog’s feet with warm water to rid them of any ice, salt and gravel after every walk. The toenails also can accumulate the ice and snow resulting in a painful formation of frost bites thus they should be kept short. Moreover, cold toenails break quickly when your pet runs through the snow resulting in painful injuries in some instances. The good idea is to get your pet booties as a form of pet care if the dog can manage to go for walks in them.

Brush your dog’s coat regularly

Brushing your dog’s coat is important because it extensively reduces the amount of shedding and matting of their coat. When your dog grows more hair, it becomes easy formats to form. As time passes, the mats develop closely to the skin thus becoming dangerous and painful to remove them. Maintenance of the coat in a breathable condition will insulate your pet thus keeping it warm during the cold winter weather.

Furthermore, when you brush its coat more often, the natural oils in your dog’s coat are distributed thus relieving all dryness associated with winter weather. Brushing averts cases of matting that may require you to shave your dog in the middle of winter.

Use a Pet Sweater Whenever Necessary

The use of pet sweaters to keep your pet warm results in the formation of mats quickly on your pet’s fur. Therefore, it is advisable to brush your pet every time the sweater is taken off as a pet care precaution to avert matting. The sweater rubs on your pet’s coat frequently resulting in the formation of large mats. Thus, pet grooming is important to get rid of the mat every time you take the sweater off your pet.

Sweaters are important to keep your pet warm during winter. Thus, the formation of mats results in springtime shaves downs to get rid of the persistent mats. The coats should be used when you are taking your pet outside for a walk in the snow. If a sweater is needed while indoors, make sure that you brush your pet’s coat on a daily basis. Thus, pet grooming is important not only for neatness but also for maintenance of ideal health conditions for your pet.

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